banner Jill Vaglica is a licensed private investigator in the Boston, Massachusetts area. She has over a decade of investigative experience, beginning in 2013 when she took an interest in the Boston Marathon Bombing case and wrote investigative articles about it for WhoWhatWhy.

In fall 2013, she began writing as an investigative reporter for The Vermont Cynic, an award-winning college newspaper. She went on to become a senior staff writer specializing in local crime for the Vermont Cynic, and wrote several articles for other publications on a variety of topics. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont majoring in political science with a minor in Italian language. After interning for a Vermont private investigator in 2017, Jill decided to pursue a career in private investigation, and has worked in the field ever since. In 2023, she founded Vaglica Investigations LLC, a private detective agency serving the Greater Boston area and New England. She is licensed and bonded in Massachusetts, and works on a wide variety of cases. As a female investigator, she aspires to be a Jill of all trades.